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Thoughts on some of the older TV shows and movies we loved and lost.

The West Wing


Going back to watch early episodes of The West Wing, it is interesting to see the issues that some understood and examined but that went over the head of many others.

Back in 2000, many people were concerned and outraged by the military policy called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, as that issue came up in key plot lines.

The startling inadequacy of Mercator projection maps, created for navigation only in the 16th century, that still fill geography classrooms is discussed in the show.

Growing income inequality and concerns for rising tuition costs were also featured in some episodes.

Discussions of Islamic fundamentalism and unfair maligning of all Muslims as a result was filmed before 9/11 occurred, with the air date happening to fall just a couple weeks later.

The show undoubtedly upset a number of people on the far right, but it made a number of people think, and that makes it a shame that it flew under the radar for people who didn’t watch.