Terms of Service

I. Privacy Policy: See our page above that covers our privacy policy in full. In addition, we expect our users to respect the reasonable right to privacy to which all individuals ought to be entitled. That means no posting personally identifiable information that isn’t otherwise freely and willingly available on the Internet. For example, don’t go posting a celebrity’s phone number or address just because a tabloid or a buddy got a hold of it. And don’t post a private citizen’s personal information when that person clearly has not intended to share those details. Just don’t be a jerk about privacy, okay?

II. Intellectual Property/Copyright: If you’re caught plagiarizing, your account will be terminated, and you forfeit any unpaid funds you might have accumulated via revenue sharing on our service. If you post images, they must be your own or you must establish that you are legally entitled to post them. Cite image sources, even when it’s yourself. Be careful when citing fair use. Cite the owner of the original media (if you use your own screen capture or animated gif in a critique, for instance, cite who owns the media from which you took the screen capture) and declare the edit to be your own. This means no taking someone else’s screen captures and reposting them, and no posting screen captures in a quantity that moves beyond fair use. The fair use clause of copyright law tends to be ambiguous, and so we err on the side of caution and expect users to do the same. A few of your own screen captures for a TV show episode review, properly cited, is fine, but limit the screen captures accordingly. If you are not confident that you understand fair use, don’t try to cite it, and only post your own original media or what has been marked for reuse. Google Images makes it easy to sort by images marked for reuse.

You may not use your account to host any copyrighted material or intentionally drive traffic to sites that host copyrighted material (no linking to illegal file sharing services or pirated movies, TV and music, for instance.)

These types of copyright and intellectual property violations might also lead to account termination, as determined on a case by case basis. When violations are flagrant, termination is more likely. If you’re unsure about your content, just ask, and we’ll be happy to clarify what is acceptable.

If the legitimate owner of a copyright or item of intellectual property requests a take down, we will comply. We will save the items for offline usage, in the event the matter is solved in the user’s favor, but the items will be removed from public view in the interim, so we must stress that it is important to be cautious and ensure your media usage falls within acceptable legal parameters.

III. Original Content: Users are permitted to post their own original artistic creations. If you wish to post something original that you have already posted elsewhere, you must contact us to review the content and ensure it is appropriate for reposting. Part of this review is to ensure the content is in fact yours to share and that there are no unexpected intellectual property conflicts. Once you’re cleared to repost the content in question, you must include the original publishing information in the post.

IV. Acceptable content: No pornographic content, textually or visually, is to be posted. In general, we want to keep it relatively PG-13 around here, but the occasional F-word or other such language is okay in moderation, particularly in context of the media we cover. Content also must fit appropriately within the categories provided. This isn’t the place to post personal blogs about your breakfast or how much you love your cat or dog, even if they are the most adorable cat or dog on the planet. Content should fit appropriately within the categories, and note that Author Originals refers to creative works and not personal/diary type entries. All content is to be in English, except as might be necessary when discussing media that was published or intended for speakers of other languages. For example, some Spanish might be necessary for an English language review of the Mexican film Y Tu Mamá También.

While you are permitted to link to online book stores, music stores and other online retailers in the course of providing media reviews, you are not to directly sell your own media on your CKR Media blog account. We are not here to provide a sales venue for users. You may provide a link to another blog or website you use (and if you happen to have a way to purchase your multimedia there, that is acceptable) but do not not make sales pitches, in your posts or in your profile. Doing so is grounds for immediate account termination.

V. Spam: Any user caught using the service to deliver spam of any kind will have their account terminated, and any funds accumulated from revenue sharing will be forfeited. Users are expected to take reasonable measures to limit the spam on their posts, or to at least notify site administrators of spam issues, so that we may tackle the problem accordingly. Any user found to have created an account for the purpose of selling products will be subject to immediate account termination. And we really are watching, because this kind of thing seriously pisses us off.

VI. Acceptable Traffic: Users are not permitted to encourage unnatural traffic to their blog posts. And by that, no, we do not mean something vaguely biblical. No manipulation of traffic with bots, engaging in paid clicks, use of VPNs or use of proxies to fake high traffic will be permitted. You are encouraged to spread word about your blog posts, but to attract genuinely interested visitors, through normal marketing practices.

VII. User Relationship: Acquiring an account with our service does not constitute an employee/employer relationship or business relationship, except that we may compensate users for acceptable traffic and subsequent shares of ad revenues. Holding an account does not make an individual a representative of CKR Media or Mediawood.

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