Lifetime Dishes Up A Second Season of Witches


Lifetime has begun season two of The Witches of East End, and the new Sunday night episode promises plenty of television crack to come.

The second season picks up with the Beauchamps family dealing the aftermath of the season 1 finale, which finally saw death of evil Penelope, who had opened the portal to Asgard.

Joanna was left deathly ill from the confrontation, and Wendy must deal with knowing she’s used up all of her cat lives. Freya has regained her powers, and is trying to use them to locate Killian, who the dastardly Dash pushed out to sea after he unleashed his newly regained superpowers.

Ingrid has a few things heating up, herself.  In what is the most cracktastic thing to happen on this show– and that is really saying a lot– Ingrid is apparently sleepwalking and meeting a mystery dude who appears to be part dude/ part reptile, whereupon she engages in tentacle sex with said reptilian dude.

This is going to be an amazing, entertaining and utterly wackadoo season of supernatural, witchy goodness.

The Witches of East End airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern on Lifetime.

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