Clonetastic Orphan Black S2 Finale


Beware of Spoilers Ahead!

Orphan Black aired its action-packed season 2 finale tonight, and it was not short on surprises and twists.

The episode picked up with Kira having been kidnapped by Rachel, and  Sarah surrendering herself as a bargain for Kira’s safety. Naturally, things didn’t go as Sarah hoped, and Rachel seemed to have no intention of releasing Kira. Siobhan and the rest of the Clone Club had to devise their own way to free both Sarah and Kira, while also doing what they could for Cosima, whose health was noticeably deteriorating.

The scene with clone sisters all safe and sound for the time being, and dancing together, was both a cinematic and emotional high point in the episode.

The twists that continued right until the last frame were all surprising without being ridiculous, and the cliffhanger leaves the viewers with just the right amount of anticipation for a new season and the right amount of the urge to scream, “I want it NOW!”

Always a good sign in a finale.

Well played, Orphan Black. Well played!

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