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In the Flesh: A New Take on Zombies


BBC Three’s series In the Flesh presents a whole new take on the Zombie theme of television and movies. The ideas are wholly unique and highly compelling.

The series protagonist is Kieren Walker,  an 18 year old who committed suicide but then was among those who rose from the grave during The Rising. Unique to this series, though, is the invention of a drug that repairs cognition and awareness in the zombie, making them what the people call sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome.

The series follows Kieren, his friends and family as he and others with PDS are integrated back into society. The show is bleak and depressing, but also incredibly sweet and shockingly moving at times. The series portrays the very worst of people and the very best, and there are both of those who are living and dead.

The show deals with mental health, oppression, persecution, hate and love. It’s often difficult viewing, but is very worth it in the end.

Thus far, the series has three episodes in season one, six episodes in season 2, but may or may not have a third season, due to the closure of BBC Three, which aired the show originally in the UK.

Both seasons are available to purchase via Amazon Instant Video. Check your chosen retailers for DVD availability.

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