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  • BBC Three’s series In the Flesh presents a whole new take on the Zombie theme of television and movies. The ideas are wholly unique and highly compelling.

    The series protagonist is Kieren Walker,  an 18 year […]

  • Extant, the new CBS futuristic scifi thriller starring Halle Berry, opened with a sleek but rather head-scratching  premiere Wednesday night.  In the opener, an astronaut returns home after 13 months alone in […]

  • Suspension of disbelief in Teen Wolf has the job of allowing viewers to enter the world of werewolves and supernatural creatures that cause mayhem, leave bloody bodies lying around and turn average people into […]

  • Lifetime has begun season two of The Witches of East End, and the new Sunday night episode promises plenty of television crack to come.

    The second season picks up with the Beauchamps family dealing the […]

  • In a turn that has many adult viewers (and some of the more astute younger ones) rather disturbed, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis has portrayed one of the teenage romances as having an element of dubious consent […]

  • The line-up and premiere dates are as follows:

    Monday September 29 and Tuesday September 30 The CW is airing the IHEARTRADIO music festival. (8-10 pm Eastern)

    Monday October 6 The Originals (8-9 pm […]

  • Known for increasingly wacky plot lines and ploys, Teen Wolf dug full force into standard fan fiction tropes for its season 4 premiere Monday night.

    Long known to be a fan fiction favorite, de-aging was trotted […]

  • Beware of Spoilers Ahead!

    Orphan Black aired its action-packed season 2 finale tonight, and it was not short on surprises and twists.

    The episode picked up with Kira having been kidnapped by Rachel, and  […]

  • The pilot for Dominion is a classic tale of a good idea gone really, really bad. The post-apocalyptic world presented the producers with an unending cache of possibilities, but the developers chose a selection of […]

  • Tonight, Syfy’s Dominion makes its debut at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

    Apparently set in the universe created by the film Legion (2010) with Paul Bettany, Lucas Black and Adrianne Palicki, the series picks up 25 […]

  • (Beware: Spoilers Ahead For the Finale)

    Fargo wrapped up its ten-episode run on FX last night with with a tense, often gruesome hour and a half time slot. As bizarre as all previous episodes, the finale was […]

  • I watched the ninth episode of 24: Live Another Day last night.   If you haven’t watched it and intend to do so, please don’t read further!

    I have problems with this episode.

    The premise that the President of the United States not only negotiated with a terrorist but surrendered himself in atonement for a drone attack which accidentally killed civilians disturbs me.

    The president’s additional reason for this sacrifice is even more troubling.  He decides that having been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it is an appropriate sacrifice to make.  Really?  What does that say to other Alzheimer’s victims?  And this is a person in the very early stages who would have access to the very best healthcare…gee what a role model.


  • There is a reason NBC’s Heroes fell out of favor with fans after an initial burst of wild popularity. For a show with immense potential and a great, if unoriginal premise (see our post about The 4400), the show […]

  • This show continues to be utterly weird and completely amazing. Season 2, episode 9 aired last night, June 14th, on BBCA. Last week saw the introduction of transgender clone Tony, and this week saw jaw-dropping developments with Helena.

    In a show that naturally and effortlessly demonstrates the power of women, it was a risk to go into the territory of subjugating women for the purposes of essentially making them breeding stock. But the risk paid off as two of the women being abused took cringe-worthy and deliciously satisfying revenge.

    The sight of an abuser in stirrups has to be a highlight for many, many women out there, and no further explanation why is really necessary.

    Just one more episode in the season remains, and audiences should expect shock, twists and more generally amazing weirdness to feature heavily.

    See the complete list of episodes here (but be careful of spoilers):

    Check out the show’s official BBCA page here:

  • That one is pretty easy, really. You can find other members by clicking the Members link on the top navigation menu. Click the Follow button for any members you want to follow, and you’ll be able to track their […]

  • Just one more episode of Fargo remains, and the show continues to be weird, entertaining and unique, despite being a series reboot of an almost iconic movie.

    Billy Bob Thornton never disappoints, and his Lorne […]

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