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Politics can be as entertaining as anything else on TV and in movies. Here, we cover antics that amount to political theater as seen on TV.

Comedy of Errors: Cantor’s Exit


Political TV and political junkies on the Internet are saturated with the stunning news of Eric Cantor’s loss of his congressional seat in his primary election. This was the first time since 1899 that a sitting House Majority Leader has lost his seat in a primary election.

Word as of now is that there were two main issues. One, is that Eric Cantor seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel of his campaign. Pundits are speculating that little campaigning and only a late push right before the election signal complacency.  Cantor wasn’t even in his district until late in the day when it became apparent he was in trouble.

The second factor appears to be the topic of immigration. The tea party base is so far to the right on the issue that any willingness to even discussion reform at all is taboo, as Cantor discovered. It did not appear to help that Cantor did not manage his message on the issue well at all, too busy playing a game of denying he was interested in immigration reform in any sense.

However it happened, it made for the kind of news night that makes political theater enthusiasts make popcorn.

It will remain to be seen how this shocking event affects the other far right Republicans in their primaries and general elections this year.



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This Week in Political TV


Monday June 9 – Sunday June 15

Mon-Fri Meet the Bergdahls
Zany comedy featuring the usual right wing suspects, and starring Fox and CNN. Loosely affiliated psuedo journalists try to piece together a POW’s history from Wikileaks and rumors, to perpetrate another bizarre smear campaign on the Democratic administration they loathe.

Sun Here Comes the Cryptkeeper
Comedy-Drama featuring a weathered, increasingly senile senator from Arizona. Sunday mornings will never be the same after John McCain leaves behind his special brand of old white man bloviating nonsense and hypocrisy. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes baffling, this Senator’s partisan rants amuse and frighten us at once, knowing he sits in a position of power in the US government.

Mon-Fri How I Skipped Your Briefing
Black comedy in which Republican members of Congress and the US Senate take turns skipping classified briefings so they can hold press conferences bemoaning the lack of information disseminated to them.

Sat The Lazy Ones
Drama that highlights graduating college students flipping burgers and making tacos on Saturday nights instead of spending time with friends, because they’re drowning in student loan debt and there are no jobs for them upon graduation. While shoving fries into cartons and getting berated by fat customers for not doing better with their lazy lives, some of their fellow grads look through the window, wishing they could get even that much work.

Mon-Fri Don’t Just Shoot Me
Comedy-Drama with a star-studded cast of NRA die hards and their victims, children and adults. As decimated bodies pile up, the NRA finds increasingly gross ways to justify the lack of regulations on weapons of death. Nonsensical shrieking about the second amendment and bizarre references to the dangers of knives and cheeseburgers are just two of the deranged gun nuts’ tactics.

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Why Are They Killing MSNBC?


I am a liberal or progressive whichever you want to call it.  I am probably one of the most loyal viewers that MSNBC ever had.  So I don’t understand why “they” whoever they are would want to destroy this channel.  Could it have been secretly taken over by the Corporate Propaganda machine known as Fox News and they are dismantling it from within?

Apparently the “News” station has decided to forego reporting the news in favor of political talk shows.  They now carry the same liberal agenda through a series of programs which only differ by the talking head presenting the same subject.  Even I get saturated.

When Fox News became discredited, CNN decided to go after the few Fox viewers who were defecting and switched to a conservative agenda.  So when a good news station, presenting unbiased news is most needed MSNBC is folding up its tents and we’re ‘left’ wondering why?

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GOP versus Vets on Memorial Day


The media outlets had plenty of political antics to chew on over Memorial Day weekend and just after, thanks to the hilariously poor timing of a GOP senator.

Recent hearings about the troubles at the Veterans Administration included speakers from various veterans groups and organizations. Richard Burr,  who has never served in the armed forces, is the GOP’s ranking member on the Armed Services Committee. That would not be so shocking or unusual, if not for what occurred over the weekend.

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Patenting White Backdrops?


The US Patent office has actually granted a patent to Amazon that would give them the sole right to be able to photograph people against a white backdrop. Seriously!

The level of brazen idiocy and catering to big corporations is just staggering.  Does the patent office not understand the hugely widespread, commonplace practice this is with photographers world wide?

For this interested, there is a Watchdog petition demanding that the patent office revoke the patent granted: