Why Are They Killing MSNBC?


I am a liberal or progressive whichever you want to call it.  I am probably one of the most loyal viewers that MSNBC ever had.  So I don’t understand why “they” whoever they are would want to destroy this channel.  Could it have been secretly taken over by the Corporate Propaganda machine known as Fox News and they are dismantling it from within?

Apparently the “News” station has decided to forego reporting the news in favor of political talk shows.  They now carry the same liberal agenda through a series of programs which only differ by the talking head presenting the same subject.  Even I get saturated.

When Fox News became discredited, CNN decided to go after the few Fox viewers who were defecting and switched to a conservative agenda.  So when a good news station, presenting unbiased news is most needed MSNBC is folding up its tents and we’re ‘left’ wondering why?

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