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Privacy Policy as of 5-19-14

As with most Internet pages, cookies are used on this site, for us and our optimal display of content, and by third party advertisers. Third party advertisers such as Google use cookies to deliver content relevant to users based on previous visits.

Third party advertisers might use cookies, beacons and other technologies such as JavaScript to measure and improve the effectiveness of their ads they subsequently serve. This makes the advertising the most relevant for users and for themselves. The information collected is not personally identifiable, and we do not forward any information to advertisers that is personally identifiable.

Users can check their Google Ad preferences here:

Users can see moreabout how Google uses ads here:

Information about third party vendors certified to serve ads is here:

This site is not intended for children. We do not target market to visitors under 13 years of age, and we do not collect information about children. We don’t intentionally collect information about anyone. Well, other than what you voluntarily provide to us. That’s up to you, of course. And if you’re under 13, you’re not allowed to at all.

Personal information collected through profiles is at the users’ discretion. Users are not required to submit their real names, addresses or phone numbers through the service. Any identifiable information provided on the side is strictly voluntary, though we do urge caution. If we collect personal information in the course of providing services or shared revenue to which users are entitled, that information will remain confidential to the best of our ability.

No information we collect inadvertently through our logging software or through registered users providing necessary contact information will be shared with any parties, except when required by law enforcement officials who have the proper authority to present such requests.

Information we are able to collect about anyone deliberately putting spam, malware or malicious content on the pages will be the exception, as that information will be used to protect our site and hopefully keep criminals and spammers away from the rest of us.

It’s a good idea to pop in now and then and see if anything has changed, because as our site evolves, our setup will likely evolve, and that could mean updates to our privacy policy. So, heads-up with that.

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