New Levels of Inanity for Teen Wolf


Suspension of disbelief in Teen Wolf has the job of allowing viewers to enter the world of werewolves and supernatural creatures that cause mayhem, leave bloody bodies lying around and turn average people into supermodels.  What suspension of disbelief cannot do, is make viewers believe a young werewolf can hold a teenage boy by the arm over the side of a building, with his teeth, and not shred the kid’s arm to ribbons due to a thing we call gravity. Uh oh.

That was the icing on the cake of disbelief in the season 4 Teen Wolf episode titled Muted.

The inanity began with semi-feral werecoyote Malia showing up to math class. Wacky things happening in the supernatural world is one thing, but in what universe would a school place a student who hadn’t been to school past 3rd grade into an advanced high school math class with kids proven to be the brightest in the school?

The bogglingly bad plotting continued with lacrosse tryouts. The kid who is supposed to be so brimming with goodness and remarkable character that he could spontaneously make himself an alpha, was so insecure about making team captain, that he ended up putting a freshman in the hospital, out of jealousy that he isn’t as good as the younger kid without using his werewolf powers.

It was thanks to being put the hospital that the young freshman ended up being stalked by the creature of the week, a wendigo. The wendigo, which subsists on a diet of human flesh,  surprisingly was the most plausible aspect of the episode.

But young, injured freshman lacrosse kid being stalked by the wendigo is how the viewer gets to the ludicrous final scene in which the boy is dangling from the side of the building with the teen alpha screwup trying to save him while preventing them both from becoming wendigo chow.

Is the teen wolf now a Gumby wolf, too? If he was fighting off the wendigo with his hands, just how flexible is he, that he could reach back behind himself while holding a kid by the arm with his fangs, with his head bent over the side of the building?

At this point, all Teen Wolf viewers can do is shake their heads in misery and console themselves that it can’t really get worse.

Or can it? Stay tuned!

Teen Wolf airs on MTV at 10 pm Eastern.

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