Teen Wolf: TV Series Review


My daughter got my husband and myself interested in watching the Teen Wolf MTV series during it’s first season.  We are now downloading and watching season 3.  The show is obviously written for a teenage audience,  but we thoroughly enjoy it.  There is a great deal of comic relief.   In spite of battling monsters, and combatting all sorts of strange issues, these characters are first and foremost teenagers.  It is extremely funny to watch their priorities.

The acting on this little tv show is outstanding.  One of the actors particularly, Dylan O’Brien will one day be a household name, I’m sure.  He’s starring in an upcoming movie called The Maze Runner.

I was surprised to learn that my daughter stopped watching last season.  I had to laugh because she said it had become unrealistic and the storyline didn’t make sense.  Unrealistic….we’re talking about werewolves and demons and banshees and shape shifters, even a werecoyote.  I guess there’s a limit to how far some people will suspend their disbelief.

If you haven’t watched it I’d start at the beginning with season one.


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