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GOP versus Vets on Memorial Day


The media outlets had plenty of political antics to chew on over Memorial Day weekend and just after, thanks to the hilariously poor timing of a GOP senator.

Recent hearings about the troubles at the Veterans Administration included speakers from various veterans groups and organizations. Richard Burr,  who has never served in the armed forces, is the GOP’s ranking member on the Armed Services Committee. That would not be so shocking or unusual, if not for what occurred over the weekend.

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Patenting White Backdrops?


The US Patent office has actually granted a patent to Amazon that would give them the sole right to be able to photograph people against a white backdrop. Seriously!

The level of brazen idiocy and catering to big corporations is just staggering.  Does the patent office not understand the hugely widespread, commonplace practice this is with photographers world wide?

For this interested, there is a Watchdog petition demanding that the patent office revoke the patent granted: