Comedy of Errors: Cantor’s Exit


Political TV and political junkies on the Internet are saturated with the stunning news of Eric Cantor’s loss of his congressional seat in his primary election. This was the first time since 1899 that a sitting House Majority Leader has lost his seat in a primary election.

Word as of now is that there were two main issues. One, is that Eric Cantor seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel of his campaign. Pundits are speculating that little campaigning and only a late push right before the election signal complacency.  Cantor wasn’t even in his district until late in the day when it became apparent he was in trouble.

The second factor appears to be the topic of immigration. The tea party base is so far to the right on the issue that any willingness to even discussion reform at all is taboo, as Cantor discovered. It did not appear to help that Cantor did not manage his message on the issue well at all, too busy playing a game of denying he was interested in immigration reform in any sense.

However it happened, it made for the kind of news night that makes political theater enthusiasts make popcorn.

It will remain to be seen how this shocking event affects the other far right Republicans in their primaries and general elections this year.



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