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24: Live Another Day Episode 9


I watched the ninth episode of 24: Live Another Day last night.   If you haven’t watched it and intend to do so, please don’t read further!

I have problems with this episode.

The premise that the President of the United States not only negotiated with a terrorist but surrendered himself in atonement for a drone attack which accidentally killed civilians disturbs me.

The president’s additional reason for this sacrifice is even more troubling.  He decides that having been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it is an appropriate sacrifice to make.  Really?  What does that say to other Alzheimer’s victims?  And this is a person in the very early stages who would have access to the very best healthcare…gee what a role model.


24: Live Another Day 4-5pm


In the recently aired episode of 24: Live Another Day the Jack and his new accomplice Kate Morgan (formerly of Chuck) sped across the city.  In less than an hour, 4-5pm, they found the lair of the arms dealer they were seeking and got deliberately captured.   Kate got tortured, and just as they were about to succeed in their mission, Britain’s MI5 stormed in and ruined everything.  All this time Chloe was talking in Jack’s ear.

The most exciting part was watching the psychopathic Margot Al-Harazi send her daughter, robotic Simone, on a mission to kill her sister-in-law.  In the given hour Simone finds her victim and joins her for dinner before she kills her (she actually shed a tear).  Simone is ever obedient to Mummy dearest even after the mother showed some tough love by having her daughter’s fingers chopped off and murdering her husband in the last episode.  This is brings dysfunctional family to a whole new level.

The sister-in-law’s daughter, having witnessed her mother’s stabbing, escapes into the streets of London with Simone in pursuit.  The episode ends when Simone gets hit by a bus!