Zombie in the Living Room


Children moaned with disappointment when Aunt Arlene left the community swimming pool because the water level dropped.  She wrapped a bath sheet around her ample waist and pulled a large tee shirt over her bathing suit.  She shook out her wet hair which clung to her head in matted strands and stepped into her flip flops.

She purchased a cherry sno-cone at the refreshment stand and happily schlepped home eating the icy treat.  There was a small hole in the bottom of the snow cone cup so drops of the red syrup dribbled down the front of her white shirt.  Her teeth and mouth were stained red giving her a ghoulish appearance.

She entered the living room where Uncle Earl dozed in his recliner chair.  He sleepily opened his eyes to see Aunt Arlene looking down at him.  She grinned and he screamed “Zombie!” and scrambled to his feet and bolted out the door.

(this is a frogkisser tale) Thank you for reading.

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