Angelic Train Wreck: Dominion


The pilot for Dominion is a classic tale of a good idea gone really, really bad. The post-apocalyptic world presented the producers with an unending cache of possibilities, but the developers chose a selection of boring clichés and offensive visuals to create their universe.

Cheap is a good word for this creation, and it describes not just the production values, but the apparent attitude with which the story’s world was built.

Was archangel Michael’s somewhat reluctant participation in an orgy really necessary?  Was it necessary to create a world in which people would throw orphaned children into the lowest caste of a rigidly divided class structure, and put them to work in their laundry facilities?

But most importantly, was it really necessary to have the scary, evil opponent in a gladiator style fight be an obese woman possessed by a homicidal angel?

These types of “creative” choices say an awful lot about the attitudes of the show’s developers and what viewers can expect in the future from them. Hint: nothing good.

This vulgar mess of a production is all the more disappointing given the potential of the show’s premise.

By HodgePodge
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