Syfy Premieres Dominion Tonight


Tonight, Syfy’s Dominion makes its debut at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

Apparently set in the universe created by the film Legion (2010) with Paul Bettany, Lucas Black and Adrianne Palicki, the series picks up 25 years later. In a post-apocalyptic world after the battle between archangels Gabriel and Michael, grubby politics rules, and a caste system has taken hold. Having come out victorious from the battle years earlier, Michael sticks around the town of Vega, formerly Las Vegas, to watch over the pathetic remains of humanity.

Some of the residents also await a messiah to save them from the pending reemergence of Gabriel and what they call lower angels, which are actually murderous, beastly looking creatures. There is most certainly one particular character who will turn out to be the intended savior.

This is a Syfy series, and so there are bound to be cheap production values, but a good story could garner interest and a loyal following. Whether the series will actually present a good story remains to be seen.

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